Classical Indian Dance Classes


Chicago suburb locations:

Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg, IL


South Indian

Carnatic Classical Music

Classes in Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg


Emotions focused on facial expressions reflecting the mystic union of

Human and Divine


Large community

of Dance and Music graduates

Srinivasa Acharya


Srinivasa Acharya is one of the founders and one of the directors of the academy.

He identified his interest in performing arts at a young age by taking parts in school and college cultural activities.

He has been taking Bharathanatyam dance lessons from few years now and is proving himself in the field of dance by giving better and variety of performances as a male dancer.

He has given many dance performances in India and the USA. His recognized performances are “Tyohar” dance drama at winter garden word financial center NY, ATA National convention IL, Natya dance festival MO and many. He played lead role in dance-dramas such as Shiva in “Shiva – Shakthi”, as Eshwara in “Rameshwara”, as Narayana in “Sathya Narayana Katha”, and many.

In Acharya Performing Arts Academy he is acting in the capacity of instructor and support personnel in managing academy activities and events.