Classical Indian Dance Classes


Chicago suburb locations:

Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg, IL


South Indian

Carnatic Classical Music

Classes in Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg


Emotions focused on facial expressions reflecting the mystic union of

Human and Divine


Large community

of Dance and Music graduates

Kalavihar class schedule & fees

Registration starts from March 5th 2022.

New class time: 
Aurora studio : Sat 1.30pm

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
4222 Meridian Parkway Suite #104, Aurora, IL 60504
Indian classical Music , Shloka , Story , Art and Dance class for small kids
1.30pm to 2.30pm

Kids 4-6 years

Kalavihar Classes and Fees:

For Age 4- 6 years kids:
  • Fees: $15/class.

Discounts: students family who take more than one class at the academy will get $1.25 discount per extra class.