Classical Indian Dance Classes


Chicago suburb locations:

Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg, IL


South Indian

Carnatic Classical Music

Classes in Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg


Emotions focused on facial expressions reflecting the mystic union of

Human and Divine


Large community

of Dance and Music graduates



Company provides Indian classical and semi-classical dance, Carnatic music, Yoga, Instruments (such as Keyboad) learning opportunities on regular basis. Contact us for more details.


Company always welcomes other dance, music, instrument and art forms to share and spread Indian culture through classes and workshops. Please contact us as you may be the one we are looking for.

Studio Renting

Our studio is available for rent for religious, cultural and artistic purpose. Please contact us for more details.

Costume and props renting

Company has many costumes like Bharathantyam dance costume and props for Krishna story, Ramayana, Shiva Puran and costumes pertaining to Indian folk dance and fusion dance. Please contact for more details.


Company does performances at various events and is also open to the other artists to be part of the team, after auditions.


We accept sponsorship for various events and concerts and company itself also helps in sponsoring other good performances.


Company produces many flyers and brochures for various events and performances, interested parties can advertise their company/business in that. Please contact for more details.