Kalavihar curriculum


Kalavihar is designed for age 4 to 6 years old kids.

Kalavihar’s main goal is to share, spread and preserve rich Indian tradition and arts forms among younger generation means age 4 years to 6 years kids.

In this classes students will learn Indian culture and traditions involving dance, songs, shlokas, yoga, Indian epic stories short acts, crafts/drawings and also kids will be introduced to very basic level Indian classical dance and music forms.

Daily curriculum
  • Classes will start with doing namaskara to the God
  • Students will say routine shlokas
  • Kids will engage in some yoga/exercise designed for their age
  • Students will learn the song based on theme*
  • Story time based on the theme*
  • Students will learn theme* based dance/acts (Story narration)
  • Students will do the craft work/drawings based on theme*
  • Students will exit the class after doing Namaskara to god
1. *Theme. All kalavihar classes will run in theme based style.(Means god themes :God Krishna , Shiva , Rama, Ganesha, Karthikeya, lakshmi , Saraswathi , Durga , Hanumam, Saibaba like wise)

i.e.: if God Krishna is a theme for that month then:

  • Students will create Krishna flute/crown with peacock feather and do Krishna drawings etc.
  • Students will learn Krishna’s shlokas and songs.
  • Students will lean Krishna acts /dances.
2. Kids will get a chance to perform learnt activities at annual Kalavihar yearly recital and other events