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Emotions focused on facial expressions reflecting the mystic union of

Human and Divine


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Bharatanatyam is a variety of ‘Natya’ yoga that reveals the spiritual self of the physical & emotional body. It is the most ancient & popular of classical Indian dance Styles, all of which are based on Natya Shastra.

Bharatanatyam, as the name depicts is the combination of: ‘Bha’ – Bhavam (means expression), ‘Ra’ – Ragam (means music), ‘Ta – Talam (means beat or rhythm) and Natyam (means dance)

Bharatanatyam was born in temples as an offering to Gods. In style and substance, Bharatanatyam reigns supreme for the preciseness and perfection of movement. Bharatanatyam is the oldest and most popular of India’s classical dance styles. The extent to which it reaches is not only pan Indian but also as widespread as the burgeoning Indian Diaspora.

The dance enhances its emotive appeal by using the literary compositions of saints and sages. Danced to Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam mathematical precision equals that of Carnatic music measure for measure. Music and dance merge like body and soul to offer the viewer a delight meant originally for the Gods.

Bharatanatyam has three distinct elements to it: Nritta (rhythmic dance movements), Natya (mime, or dance with a dramatic aspect), and Nritya (combination of Nritta and Natya).