Classical Indian Dance Classes


Chicago suburb locations:

Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg, IL


South Indian

Carnatic Classical Music

Classes in Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg


Emotions focused on facial expressions reflecting the mystic union of

Human and Divine


Large community

of Dance and Music graduates



Annapurna’s family is very fond of carnatic music and dance and since childhood she is very much interested in music,  bhajan and shlokas and she has been instructor of Balavihar kids classes for many years in India. Annapurna is taking senior level carnatic music training at Acharya Performing Arts Academy. She is very promising singer of the academy and she is also helping in teaching basic level music students and at “Kalavihar” (3 to 5 years kids music classes) and also she conducts shloka classes at the academy.